Friday, April 22, 2011

Were Back !

Sorry for not posting At All lately but i just felt like it was a waste of time , Wondering why ? Well because i feel like body actually Reads this Blog . So this is going to be my Solution I'm Going to Start My First Raffle All you have to do to enter is get at least 5 people to follow this blog ( They have to be active stardoll members and they have to have at least 1month on stardoll mainly  because people will create new accounts both on stardoll and on blogger to cheat .) Once we reach 100 followers the Raffle  will be done . There will be 2 winners . Are you wondering what you can win ?  the 2 people that win can choose between 100sd or 1 Piece of LE from the picture showed  here

So hurrry up and start Asking friends to follow this blog :) if you have any questions contact me in my guestbook :)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

1OO Million memeber!

We are almost there! We are not that far away to getting 1OO million members! To the people with 5O starpoints and more stardoll gave away 1OO stardollars! Many more offers if you upgrade you SS membership. Here are the pictures(: